Azure Ray / Burn & Shiver
Album: Burn & Shiver   Collection:General
Artist:Azure Ray   Added:Apr 2002

Recent Airplay
1. Jul 10, 2007: Lost and Found
Favorite Cities
4. Feb 09, 2006: Eran Mukamel (Canadian ragtime)
Favorite Cities
2. Jun 02, 2007: Biff Bang Pow
Rest Your Eyes
5. Dec 05, 2003: Distraction-Limited: 2003 Album Week
How You Remember
3. May 04, 2007: Something about music
While Im Still Young
6. Oct 17, 2003: Distraction-Limited
The New Year

Album Review
Kareem Ghanem
Reviewed 2002-08-04
Everything here sounded terribly repetitive. If you enjoy REALLY slow, hazy vocals accompanied by equally slow music, then go ahead and play this. The vox reminded me a bit of My Bloody Valentine. However, this group isn’t nearly as interesting in my opinion. All the tracks sort of blend together in one blob of colorless sound. Number 5 was the most interesting.
1. Almost ambient-sounding. Droning loop with hazy vocals layered on top.
2. Persistent keyboard beat loop and the same type of vox.
3. Soft acoustic guitar keeps a beat and is joined by different string instruments throughout. Really slow, but kind of nice.
4. Really slow love song with deep acoustic guitar and a little bass.
5. Kind of poppy. I actually enjoyed this one the most. The vocals aren’t so sluggish and there’s a lot going on musically… Neat percussion, electronic effects, guitars, strings, etc. MY PICK.
6. Nothing special here. Pretty typical track for this album.
7. Ditto.
8. Acoustic guitar sounds almost country-ish.
9. Guitar, light horn work, and some other string instrument, though I can’t tell what it is.
10. Sounds like everything else here.
11. Ditto.
12. Starts off sounding like a Dylan-style acoustic guitar song. One of the better tracks in my opinion.

Track Listing
1. Favorite Cities   7. A Thousand Years
2. The New Year   8. While Im Still Young
3. Seven Days   9. Your Week Hands
4. Home   10. We Exchanged Words
5. How You Remember   11. Raining in Athens
6. Trees Keep Growing   12. Rest Your Eyes