Parlour / Octopus Off-Broadway
Album: Octopus Off-Broadway   Collection:General
Artist:Parlour   Added:Apr 2002
Label:Secretly Canadian  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2002-05-13
PARLOUR "Octopus Off-Broadway" [label: temp.residence]

A new very Louisville, Kentucky post-rock project from Tim Furnish of The For Carnation and Aerial M (insert lists him as guitars and 'electro-octopization'). Unlike the aforementioned groups, Parlour's brand of instrumental rock has high energy and tension, due mostly to the sharp live drumming. They use krautlike repeated phrases backed by a morphing texture of synths to create lively and hypnotic mood pieces. -nari

*1. start off the album with a bang - urgent beats and a funky groove for this mesmerizing track
2. how many steve reich & philip glass comparisons can I fit in this week? only time will tell. kooky soundbank and urgent, repeated theme.
3. begins sad flutes, develops into sad, intensely moody rocker; this would be first pick for my show, but probably not yours
*4. lighthearted, somewhat psych/trancey song, with a nice little groove underneath
5. idyllic synth & woodwind texture.. then a circus clown's theme at 1:41
*6. starts off spacey and futuristic, then bass & drums come in for a very right-on syncopated trip-hop kind of groove; nice melodic variety, and pretty textures; builds to a big splashy ending; nice.
*7. another rump waggin good groove, this time under a heavy haze of synths and a pretty, bittersweet melody; ends & fades into a low hum at -7:35 left; the low hum comes alive at about -5:00 for an ominous ambient excursion

Track Listing
1. Stipendlax   4. Mperfect
2. Aflipperput   5. Sleeper
3. This Time   6. Weeds Thatgrow Into Trees
  7. The Living Begining