Fly Pan Am, Le / Ceux Qui Invent N'out Jamais
Album: Ceux Qui Invent N'out Jamais   Collection:General
Artist:Fly Pan Am, Le   Added:Apr 2002
Label:Constellation Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2002-05-13
LE FLY PAN AM "Those Who Invent Have Never Lived" [label: constellation]

Not to be outdone by labelmates A Silver Mount Zion, who recently prepended "The" to their name, Fly Pan Am prepended the French equivalent to their's. The name change also comes with a change in sound. The heavily funk infused instrumental post-rock here sounds exactly like a 5style album, with spacey tape manipulations thrown in every other track. This is all about the bass. Fans of Land of the Loops or !!! may also want to investigate. There's also some moderately successful noise collages on the odd tracks, if you be so inclined. -nari

1. very soft crackles and hisses (1:32)
*2. high energy medium paced funky groove, with swells of dischordant guitars and lulls; at -5:50 they changeup completely for a slower, equally funky dark back alley groove; at -3:45 the band drops out and comes back in 20 seconds later for full-assault drum-thrashin brutal rock; pretty cool; ends suddenly at -1:20 (~9:53)
3. mind numbing arpeggios, heavily rhythmic, uncompromising repetitions; this is pretty Reich/Glass-ian (ref #3 ...)
*4. kind of like a deranged jack in the box whose got rhythm; looping bassline under plinks and clinks; conclusion answers with a transformed bassline, thicker mesh of plinks and clinks, and lovely spacey guitar wash (5:42)
5. very low level rumbles, then at -2:15, haha on you, really loud high pitched noise (3:41)
*6. the most agreeable single - nothin but a booty shaker, with a simple guitar line & alot of beat; fades at -1:50 (~5:26)
*7. the only tape track I enjoyed; thudding rhythm and found noises [if god rattled a home depot] (4:32)
*8. cheery, big bounce on the offbeat; climaxes to big rockin guitars; band drops out for half a minute at -4:36, then comes back for more groove elaboration (6:41)

Track Listing
1. Jeunesse Sonique, Tu Dors   5. Arcades-Pamelor
2. Rompre L'indifference   6. Sound Support Surface Noises
3. Partially Sabotaged Distract   7. Erreur; Errance; Interdits
4. Univoque / Equivoque   8. La Vie Se Doit D'etre Vecue