Drekka / Take Care to Fall
Album: Take Care to Fall   Collection:General
Artist:Drekka   Added:Apr 2002
Label:Bluesanct Musak  

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...And the First Time
2. Jun 18, 2002: Strange Attractors
track 5

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-05-29
Experimental lo-fi cassette 4-track feeling songs. A lot feel like sparse demos but they are crafted with noise and treatments into interesting psyche and droney strange concoctions. Male and fem vocs trade off mostly. Nice touches and uses of noise and effects.

1) super minimal rhythmic noise and subdued organ, brief
2) lo-fi guit + vocs w/ subtle noise treatments
3) super reverbed solo guit + distant fem voc, lo-fi sheen
4) super lo-fi guit + vocs, 4-trackish
5) sparse background sounds w/ distant piano and minimal tinkling
6) sounds like a Kodo through a fucked up walkman, some backwards, then it shifts to a not-broken stereo, w/ vocs, minimal
7) hidden microphone type dialog, tv in background
8) minimal acous guit w/ fem lead and background synth/organ
9) slow acous guit, like a build out of previous, male voc
10) ghetto blaster recording of folky acous + singing, mercifully brief
11) minimal guit and sounds build, false ending half way through
12) sparse piano and tones, plucking
13) 3 sec
14) like someone left the tape recorder running, finally someone picks up an acoustic guit and mindlessly noodles, ends after 6 minutes then noise slowly appears, followed by a tuneless take on the death march

Track Listing
1. Quite Possibly Nothing W/ Sk   8. Fracture
2. Silent Duty   9. I Left Without Saying Goodby
3. Fractured   10. Trust
4. No One Knows Your Dog's Name   11. ...And the First Time
5. Sickness Subsides   12. Removed (Fracture)
6. With Faith in Nothing   13. Track 13
7. An End of Silence (Night Dan   14. Untitled Filmshoot W/ Almost