Boards of Canada / Geogaddi
Album: Geogaddi   Collection:General
Artist:Boards of Canada   Added:Mar 2002
Label:Warp Records  

Recent Airplay
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Dawn Chorus
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The Smallest Wierd Number, Dandelion
2. Jan 17, 2023: Alien Hour
I Saw Drones, The Smallest Wierd Number, Ready Lets Go
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Music Is Math
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Dawn Chorus, Energy Warning
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You Could Feel the Sky

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-04-10
Purveyors of cool funky electro ambient downtempo, BOC has left Matador (has it really been 4 years already since “…children”?!). Psyche trippy, lush, electro yet organic. Not so pompous or boring as past things – a heavier nod to the noise and beats. “…referred to by the NME as the record they hoped Kevin Shields would have gone on to make after Loveless”. I can definitely see that. This is good shit. Odd numbered tracks through 17, 18, 20 are brief, ~1 min, interludes.

2) trademark piano/synth tones, super crisp heavy drum beat, voice samples
4) punchy simple tribalish beat w/ samples
6)familiar funky downtempo beat
8) chill w/ melodic synths
10) trademark synths, blippier crisper solid beats, acid refs, voc samps
12) double time rhythmic beat, still chill
14) semitabla disco feel
16) trippy watery subliminal blippy ambience, no solid beat, blends into next track-careful
19) epic downtempo feel, subliminal voices
21) crisper locked groove feel
22) ambient synth, no beat
23) silence (oh brother!)

Track Listing
1. Ready Lets Go   12. The Beach at Redpoint
2. Music Is Math   13. Opening the Mouth
3. Beware the Friendly Stranger   14. Alpha and Omega
4. Gyroscope   15. I Saw Drones
5. Dandelion   16. The Devil Is in the Details
6. Sunshine Recorder   17. A Is to B As B Is to C
7. In the Annexe   18. Over the Horizon Radar
8. Julie and Candy   19. Dawn Chorus
9. The Smallest Wierd Number   20. Diving Station
10. 1969   21. You Could Feel the Sky
11. Energy Warning   22. Corsair
  23. Magic Window