Deerhoof / Halfbird
Album: Halfbird   Collection:General
Artist:Deerhoof   Added:Mar 2002
Label:Menlo Park Recordings  

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Half Rabbit Half Frog
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Half Rabbit Half Frog
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Half Rabbit Half Frog
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Halfmole Halfbird

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-04-10
Lo-fi garagy noise posing as cute pop. Local wierdos have Japanese accented girl singing- lends themselves to comparisons to things like Takako Minikawa, Melt Banana. Vocals heavily overdriven in places (like melt banana). Good use of noise and toys, dissonance. Recorded on a cassette 4 track.

1) swingy big rock tom tom beat
2) wacky cute flute like sounds, upbeat punky
3) ballady mellow
4) starts mellow, turns screamy and thrashy then back
5) mellow cutesy w/ synth and melodies and Japanese accent
6) brief instrumental, disjunct
7) upbeat, w/ changes
8) infantile melodies and vocs, lo-fi silliness
9) sparse minimalism
10) disjunct, in Japanese
11) mellow feel
12) thrashy
13) synth, male vocs for a change
14) disjunct epic feel

Track Listing
1. Half Rabbit Half Frog   8. Sunnyside
2. Six Holes on a Stick   9. Carriage
3. Red Dragon   10. Littleness
4. Trickybird   11. Xmas Tree
5. The Man the King the Girl &   12. Rat Attack
6. Witchery Glamour Spell   13. The Forty Fours
7. Queen Orca Wicca Wind   14. Halfmole Halfbird