20 Minute Loop / Decline of Day
Album: Decline of Day   Collection:General
Artist:20 Minute Loop   Added:Feb 2002
Label:Fortune Records  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-03-27
Smart local pop with crunchy loud drums/guits, sharp hooks and heavy melodies. Boy girl banter vocs- think Pixies sprinkled with sugar. Cutesy yet arty elements a la Thinking Fellers, some XTC moments as well as shoegazing alt folk too. But mostly arty power pop. Well recorded and produced.

1) swingy bass heavy grind, heavily hooky, melodic
2) upbeat, heavy beat, moany minor in parts
3) slower ballady feel, acous, clean guits
4) dark slower watered down nirvana feel
5) loud soft pop, semi In Utero feel again
6) slow rim shot beat, pretty ballad with fem lead vocs, grows louder, epic
7) almost cut pop, waltzy acoustic feel
8) sadcore feel, loud soft, fem lead
9) Charming Hostess Balkan fem voc flare, triplet feel
10) swingy upbeat rock, musicianship showcase
11) swingy crunchy
12) slow soft ballad, gets louder slowly, false ending after 6:00, an old musicbox sample for 30 secs, then silence for a minute and surprise: obligatory hidden track, instrumental upbeat rocker filler

Track Listing
1. Jubilation   7. Mechanical Angels
2. Moses   8. Elephant
3. All Manner   9. Mompha Termina
4. Daughter's Down   10. Vaccine
5. Pilot Light   11. Hell in a Handbasket
6. Force of Habit   12. Aqaurium