Various Artists / Guillotined at the Har
Album: Guillotined at the Har   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Feb 2002
Label:Dionysus/Hell Yeah  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-04-10
Great lo-fi collection of 1979-83 “punk” from New England. Some poppy Stranglers’esque “punk”, some are edgier than others, few are LA hardcore feeling, a lot have the garage feel you might expect in a record from the fine Dionysus people. Excellent excellent, all good.

1) poppy, one FCC, stranglers soft boys feel
2) upbeat pogo punk
3) Adolescents feel, great lyrics
4) tom tom beat
5) 2/4 hardcore feel
6) epic rocker
7) lo-fi garagy surfy fuzzy
8) boogie dirty gargy
9) 2/4 upbeat punk
10) driving surf/spy feeling pwer pop
11) cleaner stranglers power pop punk
12) poppy hooky clean
13) driving rocker, great lyrics about the military
14) poppy feel but dirty
15) clean poppy feel, sorta mellow
16) strange vocs, super crunchy guits and production, pop punk
17) FCC’s in intro, lewd content
18) rocker, mild FCC (“ass”), garagy
19) hilarious lo-fi garage rocker w/ organ
20) swampy blues feel, great song about TV

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Reducers, the Out of Step
2. M-80'S Gene Away
3. Jack Tragic and the Unfortunas I Kill Happies
4. 8TH Route Army World of Hope
5. Outpatients, the Light Blue
6. Electroflex Into the Night
7. Vandelz, the Lance Link
8. Sterics, the Smilin'
9. Chronic Disorder The Final Line
10. October Days West Coast
11. International Q What I Get
12. Rock Doves, the Men Are Working
13. 8TH Route Army Professional Killer
14. Dennis Most and the Instigatos Excuse My Spunk
15. M-80'S Treebee
16. Peer Pressure Sound of the 80'S
17. Jack Tragic and the Unfortunas Dig Up Your Grave
18. Electroflex 8TH Avenue
19. Not Quite, the Satan's Elves
20. Foreign Objects, the T.V. Wizard