Lane, Anita / Sex O'clock
Album: Sex O'clock   Collection:General
Artist:Lane, Anita   Added:Jan 2002
Label:Mute Records Ltd  

Recent Airplay
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Do that Thing
4. Mar 25, 2009: Brownian Motion
The Next Man that I See
2. Mar 19, 2014: Femme Fatale
Home Is Where the Hatred Is
5. Nov 07, 2007: Brownian Motion
I Hate Myself
3. Mar 05, 2014: Femme Fatale
Do that Thing
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Do that Thing

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-01-16
Cheesy cover photos are in reality pure irony; this is dark excellent finery by original Birthday Party/Bad Seed contributor. Yanking the “sex sells” mantra by its bleached blonde hair this CD is potent distillation of the finest elements of Nick Cave, Barry Adamson, Crime and the City Soln, with string arrangements adding the high drama only Tindersticks can conjure. Heavy darkness contrasted with funky disco phoniness. Produced and contributed to by none other than Mick Harvey (member/collaborator of all aforementioned bands except ‘sticks). A masterpiece.

1) sultry upbeat dark and melodic killer, written by Gil Scott-Heron
2) slower but still hopeful and dark, great lyrics
3) hilarious poke at “sex music”, funky disco, giving Barry White a run for his money
4) slow grinding nick cave’ish drama
5) pretty, semi-disco funky
6)funky disco’y but dark
7) fucking righteous sultry dark funk
8) nice dark swingy drums, another winner
9) minor acoustic guit centered, sad ballad w/ dramatic breaks, no drum beat per se
10) super dark, almost goth start, beautiful mostly acoustic instruments, traditional song

Track Listing
1. Home Is Where the Hatred Is   6. I Love You, I Am no More
2. The Next Man that I See   7. Like Caesar Needs a Brutus
3. Do that Thing   8. Do the Kamasultra
4. I Hate Myself   9. The Petrol Wife
5. A Light Possession   10. Bella Ciao