Moore, Rudy Ray / Hully Gully Fever
Album: Hully Gully Fever   Collection:Blues 12"
Artist:Moore, Rudy Ray   Added:Dec 2001
Label:Norton Records  

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Bring It On Home To Me/I'm In Love Again
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Track Listing
1. I'm Mad with You   16. Driveway Blues
2. My Little Angel   17. My Country Gal
3. The Buggy Ride   18. Herman Griffith Radio Spot,
4. Ring A-Ling Dong   19. Rally in the Valley
5. Step It Up and Go   20. Hully Gully Papa
6. Let Me Come Home   21. My Baby
7. Robbie Dobbie   22. Scotch Fever (Unissued)
8. I'll Be Home to See You Tomo   23. Whatcha Gonna Do
9. Dolphin's Record Shop Radio   24. Ballad Of A Boy And A Girl
10. Josephine   25. Angels on Earth
11. Hurts Me to My Heart   26. Real Gone
12. Ready Willing and Able   27. Don't Go no Farther (Alterna
13. My Soul   28. Lonnie Johnson Radio Spot, K
14. So Good to Me   29. Baby That's Why I'm Your Foo
15. Hully Gully Fever (And The Flu Bug Too)   30. Hurts Me to My Heart (Live)
  31. Bring It On Home To Me/I'm In Love Again