Tower Recordings, the / Folkscene, the
Album: Folkscene, the   Collection:General
Artist:Tower Recordings, the   Added:Dec 2001
Label:Communion Label  

Recent Airplay
1. May 01, 2007: Into the Nada
I Guess I'll Get the Vapours
4. Mar 20, 2002: Strange Attractors
2. Mar 20, 2007: The Witching Hour (final show)
Winter of Frozen Morning
5. Feb 06, 2002: Strange Attractors
Winter of Frozen Morning
3. Nov 28, 2002: The Thanksgiving of Solitude
Atrocity Juke Box, Vokalis - the Fauna Inverts
6. Jan 30, 2002: Strange Attractors
J. Sculpy

Album Review
Reviewed 2002-01-28

Some strange and wonderful acoustic tracks with tape manipulation and other far out things in between.
A few tracks are straightforward soft ballads, others are better described as musique concrete. Most tracks blend together.

1. (2:13) warbling synth voice over a drone; tribal drums later
*2. (2:39) soft F vocals, plucked guitar; pretty swaying ballad
*3. (0:55) poignant harmonic tensions, guitar, wandering horn
*4. (1:02) cool processed voice crossed with pan flute ala stockhausen "song of the young"
5. (6:52) slow and folky; ends with shakers and raw, tribal-like cries
6. (2:34) circling 3 note melody surrounded by every effect on the board
*7. (5:33) free form song with beautiful meandering acoustic guitar, fiddle, skittery drums, horn
8. (0:18) the twilight zone

*(9-10-11). (3:00) very pretty theremin-like cooing over whisps of ambience; bleeds into:
*(12-13). (1:22) a new motive on guitar, which disintegrates into howls of tortured souls

14. (1:36) an Indian folk song with the tape stretched
*15-16. (1:05) completely abstract fuzz, noise, and eerie bell tones
17. (0:19) march tempo drone with hand drums and electric guitar; bleeds into:
18. (1:16) banjo country tune with ghosts in the background
*19. (0:57) a sweet piccolo medley played back on a warped lP
20. (1:14) knawing buzzing then sensual vocals
*21. (2:34) lo-fi voice/panflute melody over acoustic guitar accomp
22. (0:24) 2 exciting notes

Track Listing
1. Harmengi - the Tower Becomes   12. Pituitious Became
2. Winter of Frozen Morning   13. Honey Su
3. The High Rate of Ass Vibrat   14. I Guess I'll Get the Vapours
4. Vokalis - the Fauna Inverts   15. Go Home
5. Atrocity Juke Box   16. Lustre King
6. I Did not Know that Hajji   17. Moon Raga
7. Qualify for Evolution   18. Rock and Roll ( As Fucked
8. Herkimer Man   19. Portable Old Band
9. J. Sculpy   20. Post War Mariachi
10. Micro Melodies   21. The Shape that Has no Shape
11. Soma Enthusiast   22. Dreamland Bye Bye