Various Artists / What Can a Woman Do
Album: What Can a Woman Do   Collection:Blues
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Dec 2001

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1. Aug 31, 2002: soul heaven soul heaven blu
Stop! I Don't Need no Sympat, One Monkey Don't Stop the, It Could've Been Me
4. Jan 08, 2002: the 3-way Blues Caravan
Fool Fool Fool
2. Feb 05, 2002: Mr. Sparkle Challenge
One Monkey Don't Stop the
5. Jan 08, 2002: Mr. Sparkle Challenge
The One Who Really Loves You
3. Jan 28, 2002: Dollar Bin
The One Who Really Loves You
6. Jan 05, 2002: Soul Heaven
The One Who Really Loves You

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Acklin, Barbara Love Makes a Woman
2. Baker, LaVern Wrapped Tied and Tangled
3. Ross, Jackie Love Is Easy to Lose
4. Franklin, Erma It Could've Been Me
5. Baker, LaVern One Monkey Don't Stop the
6. Roman, Lyn Stop! I Don't Need no Sympat
7. September Caution
8. Promises, the Living in the Footsteps
9. Shy, Jean Keep An Eye
10. Valery, Dana Love Is Funny that Way
11. Acklin, Barbara Love You Are Mine Today
12. James, Ginji Honey Babe
13. Demures, the He's Go Your Number
14. Acklin, Barabara Fool Fool Fool
15. Sugar Pie De Santo The One Who Really Loves You
16. Teh Cooperates Goodby School
17. Sweethearts, the Everybody I Know
18. Hopkins, Linda If Yo Walk Away
19. Tapp, Demetress What Kind of Girl Do You Thi
20. Sweethearts, the What Did I Do
21. Hopkins, Linda Memories and a Broken Heart
22. Johnston, Inez A Feeling that I Can't Expla
23. Big Maybelle What More Can a Woman Do
24. St. Claire, Sylvia Is He Alright
25. Franklin, Erma I Just Don't Need You at All
26. Alexander, Margie What'cha Tryin' to Do
27. St. Claire, Sylvia Brink Back Yesterday
28. Reese, Della Nothing but a True Love