Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orc / Born Into Trouble As the Spark
Album: Born Into Trouble As the Spark   Collection:General
Artist:Silver Mount Zion Memorial Orc   Added:Nov 2001
Label:Constellation Records  

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Could've Moved Mountains
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C'mon Comeon
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Sisters! Brothers! Small Boa
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Could've Moved Mountains
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Take These Hands and Throw
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Take These Hands and Throw

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-01-23
Sombre minimal strings and guit plucking, long songs that usually build. Rachels crossed with Low. Somewhat experimental and arty, but not, not as painful as that sounds. Drums do appear on track 7. Excellent morning or late night music, challenging and smart. Beautiful stuff, one of the few cd’s I burned a copy of for myself for 2001 if that means anything. Check it out or miss out.

1) starts sparse, quiet, builds to lush somber ¾ minor toned strings + piano
2) more echoey and treated and slow, otherwise like #1
3) starts w/ spoken word thing, more slow strings and treated echoey guit, builds to next track
4) louder, more intense w/ echoey desperate vocs, repetitive, ends w/ sounds of Mourning Dove and other birds, heavy for anyone with dove call associations
5) quiet understated vocs w/ sparse echoey plucking, builds toward end w/ guit + strings
6) more piano centered and musical, still somber
7) drums lend an even more “song-like” quality to the repetitive drones, loud epic quality
8) spacey guit harmonics and indie vocs, builds rhythm slowly, ends 6:30, then brief childlike vocs as “surprise” ending (careful)

Track Listing
1. Sisters! Brothers! Small Boa   5. Could've Moved Mountains
2. This Gentle Hearts Like Shot   6. Tho You Are Gone I Still Oft
3. Built Then Burnt   7. C'mon Comeon
4. Take These Hands and Throw   8. The Triumph of Our Tired Eys