Amfm / Getting Into Sinking
Album: Getting Into Sinking   Collection:General
Artist:Amfm   Added:Nov 2001
Label:Polyvinyl Records  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2002-04-12
AMFM - This is a nice indie rock/pop album. They have a great base of acoustic guitar work and add layers of electronic instruments and a variety of percussion quite successfully. Nothing seems awkward or forced. Vocal harmonies are very nice too. Nothing on here will blow you away with its greatness, but there aren't any real disappointments either. It's good soothing pop music and some nice ear candy. I definitely recommend this to anyone playing lighter indie rock or pop.
My Picks: 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 Katie P. 11/30/01

1) Starts with a bang and then fades out to acoustic guitars strumming. Nice mellow midtempo. Lots of backup vocal harmonies. Airy sound throughout. Ends with sleigh bells fading out.
2) Acoustic guitars again. An uptempo swing tempo. Very happy and fun. Lyrics are cute and sweet. Only Fcc is in title of song, not in lyrics.
3) Slower strumming. Cute midtempo shuffle with a bit of a bounce. Big pounding drums (maybe tympani).
4) Uptempo guitars. Nice fingerings on guitar. Lots of energy but still very mellow vocals.
5) Slower with piano. Nice solid midtempo that adds some fuzzy guitar and keyboards. Handclaps are nice too. Very soft mellow vocals.
6) Starts with talking and goes into guitar. Slow and quiet. Lots of "ooos" in vocals and then fades out. Fcc: says "fucking" in the spoken intro.
7) Nice acoustic guitars with layers of other instruments and vocals added. Then add a beat that sounds sort of like horses trotting. Uptempo. Cute and fun. Song ends at 40 sec. and then electric guitar comes in and then the song picks up again to end.
8) Midtempo walk. Wow, this is some nice pop. Lots of layers of guitars and keyboards. Nice harmonies on vocals. Ends on a drum solo.
9) Starts with electronic drum machine. Fades in slowly and adds guitar. Dragging midtempo with quiet vocals. Vocals get loud on the "hey heys."
10) Slow and soft. Nice acoustic guitar. Mellow rambling earthy song.
11) Slow waltz tune. Soft acoustic guitar. Nice vocal harmonies. Gets a little louder when it adds drums and few other layers of electronics. Builds to a nice climax at a little over 1 min left.
12) Electric droning and delicate guitar fingering starts it off. Then strumming takes over with the drone becoming more of a background noise. Slow dragging midtempo with heavy layers of vocals. End fades out with drones and then pauses followed by 2 loud bangs that fade out to the end.

Track Listing
1. Virgins! Virgins!   7. I Was Never Here Two Seconds
2. If We Burned All the Asshole   8. Head Gone Vertical
3. All Your Dreams Come True   9. It Fell Our of My Head
4. The Death They Claim   10. Hey, That's no Way to Say Go
5. And Then I Got to Thinking U   11. Come Suck Down a Cloud
6. Call Me Up   12. Getting Into Sinking