Various Artists / Portlite Comp 2
Album: Portlite Comp 2   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Nov 2001
Label:Food Stamp Records  

Recent Airplay
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Do You Want Me
4. Mar 05, 2002: Mr. Sparkle Challenge
Do You Want Me
2. Aug 25, 2004: mr. sparkle challenge
Fix Me
5. Feb 13, 2002: Brownian Motion (Valentine's eve special, all girls...)
3. Mar 13, 2002: Brownian Motion
You Know It's True
6. Feb 06, 2002: Brownian Motion
Fix Me

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-01-16
Coll. of local acts put together by the heros at the Portlite club in Oakland. CD starts with mostly power-punk-pop oriented folks then gets slightly more varied and ends silly w/ some old gems like Flipper at CBGBs. Note also: Bobbyteens, Eddie Haskells, Glitter Mini 9, Enda

1) upbeat bright power pop
2) punky pop
3) fave trashy girls, a little slicker and phil spectorish
4) garagy punk a la stooges, one FCC not too blatant
5) power pop w/ ska backbeat guit
6) faster pop w/ hardcore vent
7) glam punk feel sorta
8) sounds like east bay pop punk
9) pop punk in a minor key
10) fem vocs to dark pop, sorta 80’s
11) nicely overdriven mid paced dirty pop w/fem vocs- but review the first 10 secs and edit out the blatant FCC
12) sugary power pop a la Knack
13) slower ballady pop somehow Television’ish (9th chords)
14) smiths’ish chorus pedal upbeat pop
15) kinda sludgey metal guit but bright production and fem vocs keep it poppy
16) nice mix of elements from psych to garage to spy jazz
17) funky dunky, cool
18) poppy indie feel
19) upbeat super power pop
20) spoken silliness, FCCs to the max!! do not play ever! (excep the very last quote is quite nice, edit it closely)
21) ghetto blaster silly cover of Paranoid
22) fathers of the original “grunge”, a typical four chord mess of their famous “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ho…”
23) crazy ass silliness w/ faux rappin and hair metal samples

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Librarians, the You
2. 78 Rpm Ignored
3. Bobbyteens, the Do You Want Me
4. Shortwave Rocket Fix Me
5. Plastic Destiny
6. Dork.Com Be with You
7. Eddie Haskells, the Addicted
8. Eleventeen Let's Go for a Ride
9. Merrick So Alone
10. Enda No Excuses
11. Glitter Mini 9 Dreamstalker
12. Fitsners, the The Way You Are
13. Little John Lost
14. Shadow Cabinet, the Finders
15. Breast When She Spoke to the Sea
16. New Bethel Dry As a Desert High
17. Big Soul We Got High
18. Join'r Travel
19. Slow Satellite Transmissions
20. Eban not Emmett Kwikway Message
21. Kwik Way Live at Cloyne Court 1986
22. Flipper Live at Cbgb's
23. Lace Curtain Irish You Know It's True