Bassturd, the / Bangler, the
Album: Bangler, the   Collection:General
Artist:Bassturd, the   Added:Nov 2001
Label:Four States Fair Record  

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1. Sep 23, 2010: Brick's In Oahu Pt. II
The Bangler
2. Jan 22, 2010: The Courtesy Flush
Watching Scotty Die

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-03-13
Silly synth based spoof music. Cheesy 80’s/Styx synth and fucked up keys dominate. Zappa meets Devo and The Moldy Peaches in a video game. Electronic feel overall, but other elements too. 4track recording. Sharp, nice drug themes but MANY are FATALLY FCC laced- only choose from songs listed below. Cool as shit.

1) voice intro
3) slower cheesy pop
5) brief swingy instrumental
9) nice folky dark cynical
10) brief organ
12) brief silly synth
14) slow sparse sick weird, arcade music
15) upbeat cute, still sick though, devolves into choice noise 16) brief synth
18) oh Christ, no profanities but the content is questionable-Excellent!
20) casio feel inst.
21) strange cheesy pop
22) super twisted sick
23) electrobent, instrumental
24) hilarious jesus and I play video games
25) casio c&w feel 26) Styx feel
27) undecipherable weirdness mostly, piano
28) folky lou Barlow
30) nice run down on drug
Note: track 7 is great but has one unacceptable fcc at 2:05 remaining “I’m completely fucking broke”

Track Listing
1. Intro   16. Manipulating Molecules
2. The Bangler   17. Kid Rock
3. Coins   18. Bible Camp
4. Rock & Roll City   19. Mugger (Part Two)
5. Mugger (Part One)   20. El Gran Cerebro
6. The Lyrical Anti-Christ   21. Cornbread Red
7. Toxic Fog   22. The Way We Manage Our Beef
8. Robotron 2084   23. Cut a Rug
9. Watching Scotty Die   24. Jesus and I
10. Pete Rose Again   25. Haste Makes Paste
11. The Union Bar   26. In Loving Memory of Falco
12. The Theme to Tetris Ii   27. The Denver Broncos
13. Friendly Nods All Around   28. I Feel Removed
14. Come and Get the Cancer...   29. That's All You Get
15. Chewy Frosted Bacon Bit   30. Ketamine's Relationship To..
  31. Got Lives Under Roger Waters