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Album: Live Plus One   Collection:General
Artist:All   Added:Nov 2001
Label:Epitaph Records  

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Until I Say So
2. Apr 07, 2004: It's a Punk World After All
Can't Say

Album Review
Kareem Ghanem
Reviewed 2002-08-04
Double CD of live All and Descendents tracks. There are some covers thrown in for good measure. I guess the easiest comparison is to ¡§Liveage,¡¨ an old album of a live Descendents concert. Production here is better and the songs are each pulled from different performances, so they don¡¦t sound as awkward if played individually. All are about 2-3 minutes. You¡¦re probably familiar with at least some of the songs and Descendents/All have always sounded good live, so you can¡¦t go wrong. If you¡¦re not, the sound here is energetic, guitar-driven pop-punk. Extremely catchy lyrics, mostly dealing with girls, angst about girls, and girls. In any case, here are my picks. I always liked the Descendents more, so my picks reflect that.

Disc 1:
02. pretty faithful to the original recording.
04. "She broke my dick." FCC violation¡K
05. I always thought this was a cute and romantic song.
13. neat guitar riff opens this one. No vocals.
19. catchy song, and longer too.

Disc 2:

Everything here is terrific. Watch out for the length of some of them. They cut off kind of abruptly sometimes. Specifically, though¡K
02. off of the "Everything Sucks" album. One of the catchiest, most infectious songs. Ends abruptly though.
03. a classic. Off of "Milo Goes to College." Typical Descendents lyrics with Milo¡¦s distinctively whiny, urgent voice.
12. a little slower than the rest. Very whistful, geeky romantic lyrics and music. Easily the CD's best track!!!

Track Listing
1. Fairweather Friend   22. Carry You
2. Skin Deep   23. My Dad Sucks
3. Can't Say   24. I'm the One
4. She Broke My Dick   25. Hpe
5. Until I Say So   26. Thank You
6. Crucifiction   27. M-16
7. Breakin' Up   28. Mr. Bass
8. Better than that   29. Weinerschnitzel
9. Bubblegum   30. Original Me
10. Honey Peeps   31. I Like Food
11. She's My Ex   32. Silly Girl
12. World's on Heroin   33. Coffee Mug
13. Birds   34. Get the Time
14. I Want Out   35. Myage
15. Educated Idiot   36. Cheer
16. Birthday Iou   37. We
17. Carnage   38. Everything Sux
18. 'cause   39. This Place
19. Self Righteous   40. Van
20. Teresa   41. Bikeage
21. Hate to Love   42. All-O-Gistics
  43. Catalina