Johnson, Ruby / I'll Run Your Hurt Away
Album: I'll Run Your Hurt Away   Collection:Blues
Artist:Johnson, Ruby   Added:Nov 2001
Label:Stax Records  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2001-11-20
Ruby Johnson - A beautiful smoky voice that can belt out some seriously heart wrenching ballads. Her vocals range from velvet smooth to a raspy yell and it's all great. She's backed up here by Isaac Hayes, The MG's, and The Mar-Key horns. Wow! Great 60's style southern soul that you can slow dance to with your baby. There are a few songs with a slightly faster tempo, but most are on the slow side. Overall this is mighty fine. Not a bad song on here.
My Picks: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 10, 14, 16, 19 Katie P. 11/8/01

1) Slow with nice instruments. Starts light and slowly builds to higher intensity by the end. Tough vocals.
2) Swinging midtempo with cool backup vocals. Tough vocals and nice horns.
3) Lowdown romp. Fun and bouncy. Very nice!
4) Slow and soft. You could wrap this song around you like a blanket. Nice organ.
5) Slow swaying song. Sad lyrics.
6) Slow and lowdown. Nice lyrics. Cool, smooth backup vocals.
7) Slow midtempo that sounds strangely like the bass line to "Stand By Me." Nice horns and great tough lyrics.
8) Serious lowdown song. Sad lyrics work well with her raspy voice in this one. You can really feel the emotion in it, which is nice.
9) Midtempo bounce. Nice piano work.
10) Lowdown and tough. Wow. Very fine. Tough lyrics. Midtempo with a slight bounce.
11) Slow. Orchestral work in the background.
12) Slow and swaying. Nice bluesy piano and guitar.
13) Same as #8. Just an alternate take I suppose.
14) Slow and very bluesy. Great lyrics here. Very nice.
15) Lowdown midtempo. Smoky lyrics.
16) Midtempo groove. Tough sounding vocals and great horns on this one.
17) Midtempo with tough raspy vocals. Nice horns.
18) Slow sway. Smoother velvety vocals.
19) Slow organ starts it with sharp guitar. Loud hits from the horns. Smokey and tough.
20) Slow midtempo. Nice organ. Ok song and then becomes great when you hit the chorus.

Track Listing
1. I'll Run Your Hurt Away   11. How Strong Is My Love
2. What More Can a Woman Do   12. Need Your Love So Bad
3. Won't Be Long   13. Come to Me My Darling
4. The Love of My Man   14. Left Over Love
5. Why not Give Me a Chance   15. I'd Better Check on Myself
6. It's not that Easy   16. I'd Rather Fight than Switch
7. Don't Play that Song ...   17. No no no
8. Come to Me My Darling   18. If I Ever Needed Love ...
9. It's Better to Give Then ...   19. When My Love Comes Down
10. Keep on Keeping on   20. Weak Spot