Spokane / Proud Graduates, the
Album: Proud Graduates, the   Collection:General
Artist:Spokane   Added:Nov 2001

Recent Airplay
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Proud Graduates
3. Apr 30, 2003: the discovery channel
Disappointed Athlete
2. Jun 03, 2009: Slowcore Special
Proud Graduates
4. Jun 18, 2002: Strange Attractors
The Absentee

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-02-27
A Low clone: brushed drums, 40 bpm, stripped down somber songs, quiet clean guits, breathed vocals, strings and vibes in places. If someone told me this was Low or at least a Kranky band I wouldn’t doubt it. Elements of Dirty Three too. For insomniacs, somnambulists, terminally depressed and the generally mellow spaced out. Like me.

1) slow, sad, somber, violin
2) almost upbeat samba rhythm, but still drugged down by the minor tones
3) slow, w/ mournful violin
4) playground samples, somewhat brighter, instrumental
5) super slow and sparse, picks up toward end w/ violin
6) Still slow but more straight beat and textured guits+strings make this more believable
7) ahh, rain samples fit perfectly, more somber prettiness but no drums this time
8) really ripping off Low here with the ultra slow sparse intro, whispered vocs, nice strings; nite nite…

Track Listing
1. Proud Graduates   5. Settling
2. The Absentee   6. Ill From Asking
3. American Television   7. Disappointed Athlete
4. Other Rooms   8. The Workweek