Fridge / Happiness
Album: Happiness   Collection:General
Artist:Fridge   Added:Oct 2001
Label:Temporary Residence Ltd.  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2002-05-06
Fridge "Happiness" [label: Temporary Residence]

Kraut post rocktronica. Some tracks are straight up guit-drum-bass post-rock instrumentals others are all electronic manipulations. Interesting, intellectual and musical, in a diversity of styles. -nari

1. hazy drone, maracas, wandering trombone, abstract; last 1:30 goes minimal
2. cool, chill, boards of canada; bass loop and latin shakers on the bottom layer; pretty hodgepodge of clinks and clacks and found sounds on the top layer
3. lovely flurry of bells & chimes
4. mellow, free-form track with independent lines criss crossing: electric guit, skittery drums; abstract
5. rock; nostalgic looped melody, strummed guit, effervescent drums; "Happiness"; closes with 1 minute of ringing bell
6. cute bass drum-heavy beat-happy thing
7. Fontanelle-like meandering jam w/a pretty outro
8. pretty chirp-like melody & hand drum, with nice flourishes of acoustic guitar. delightful.
9. slow heavy rock beat; twinkling electric guit, piano, & distant voices;
hopeful melody

Track Listing
1. Melodica and Trombone   5. Five Four Child Voice
2. Drum Machines and Glockenspi   6. Sample and Clicks
3. Cut Up Piano and Xylophone   7. Drums Bass Sonics and Edit
4. Tone Guitar and Drum Noise   8. Harmonics
  9. Long Singing