Pinback / Blue Screen Life
Album: Blue Screen Life   Collection:General
Artist:Pinback   Added:Oct 2001
Label:Ace Fu Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2002-05-06
Pinback "Blue Screen Life" [label: Ace Fu]

It's true that I had already devoted my undying love to this band before this album, so that this review is a little biased, but just try to find someone who will deny what a magnificent indie pop record this is. They have really outdone themselves with an hour of songs most of which are worthy of their own 7". Charming, innocent, mellow, rainy day pop -- like Three Mile Pilot but 100X more irresistible. They make it sound so easy to create brilliantly orchestrated indie rock that pulls just the right strings. -nari

1. murky & blue, bubbly drums, singsong chorus
2. breezy, wistful, w/quirky vocalizing
3. slower melancholia with long angsty chorus
4. swingin tempo, sad/happy dichotomy
5. hook that'll drive you crazy in the shower -- shuffly moody winner
6. slow, melancholy, beautiful choir-like layered vocals
7. brisk gait, punchy beat, dusty wind-swept landscapes
8. most rockin', head-boppin' song: fast paced & energetic
9. gently ambling tune; quietly sorrowful
10. hip-hop drum loop, schnaazy beats
11. lazy porch-swing sort of song, kind of blue & nostalgic
12. nice lurching, bleak tune w/piano

Track Listing
1. Offline P.K.   7. X I Y
2. Concrete Seconds   8. Prog
3. Boo   9. Your Sickness
4. Bbtone   10. Seville
5. Penelope   11. West
6. Talby   12. Tres