Explosions in the Sky / Those Who Tell the Truth Shall
Album: Those Who Tell the Truth Shall   Collection:General
Artist:Explosions in the Sky   Added:Oct 2001
Label:Temporary Residence Ltd.  

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Greet Death
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Poor Man's Memory

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-11-05

Mogwai inspired instrumental rock. Uncertain yet hopeful. Tristeza electric guitar: ringing, bell-like reverb, soaring effects, layered broken guitar lines. I found myself starring every track, cause this is a musical formula that I'm a sucker for. They're all good; all mostly have the same elements. -nari

*1. definitely starts off with a snarl; eye of the storm, theremin inspired middle; concludes with broad, stretchy Landing-esque fuzzscape

*2. twinkling electric guitar, then full blast guitar, then twinkling, then full ..

*3. dreamy, bending guitar line soars over resolute march

*4. unlikely spoken word poem; voice ends @ 2:13 and gorgeous spaced out rock ensues; becomes angst rock assault; my fav

*5. steady, melancholy march; suddenly explodes w/screaming guitars @ 4:00

*6. 12 minute grande finale; tense beginnings build to fuzzy, layered peak; recedes to moody tranquility

Track Listing
1. Greet Death   4. Have You Passed Through this
2. Yasmin the Light   5. Poor Man's Memory
3. Moon Is Down   6. With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds