Secret Chiefs 3 / Book M
Album: Book M   Collection:General
Artist:Secret Chiefs 3   Added:Oct 2001

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Album Review
Reviewed 2002-05-06
Secret Chiefs 3 "Book M" [label: Web of Mimicry]

A genre-bender the likes of which could only come from a Bungle side project. Surfy, techno infused metal world music. Lots of beats alternating with riffs and sinister Eastern themes.

techno/dance: 2. do we call this breakbeat, 5. fast paced dancefloor track w/flashy violin solos pumpin beat, 7. heart-pounding mix of tr1 with riffage, 13. slow sexy groove, slip slide bass, punchy funk beat, trails off @ 3:50 left
rock: 3. quirky theme backed by crunch electric guit, 6. slow heavy crunch w/flurrying free violin solos, 9. scruffy acerbic surfcore, 10. 1970's rock jam w/sax, 13. funkier jam w/sax
indian: 1. little ditty on an eastern scale, 4. folk banjo-sounding instr leads a kooky melody, 8. eastern gavotte with bows and curtsies, 12. fat soul train bass & psychedelic theme

please disregard the divisions as they are completely worthless.

Track Listing
1. Knights of Damcar   7. Zulfigar Iii
2. Hagia Sophia   8. Siege Perilous
3. Vajra   9. Dolorous Stroke
4. Ship of Fools (Stone of Exil   10. Blaze of the Grail
5. Horsemen of the Invisible   11. Lapsit Exillis
6. Combat for the Angel   12. Lapis Baitulous
  13. Safina