Bethany Curve / You Brought Us Here
Album: You Brought Us Here   Collection:General
Artist:Bethany Curve   Added:Oct 2001
Label:Unit Circle Rekkids  

Recent Airplay
1. Nov 04, 2017: deep storage
Ann Illusion
4. Jun 04, 2014: Meow After Midnight
Long Beach
2. Jul 29, 2017: Music Casserole
Long Beach
5. Sep 06, 2011: meow
Long Beach
3. Jan 27, 2016: radio seven
Airplanes Down
6. Jul 24, 2011: lost and found
Long Beach

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2002-02-27
Quality epic dream pop, old school Bowery Electric, My Bloody Val, Medicine. Heavily layered swirling guits under fathoms of reverb-delay, buried drums and dreamy echoey vocs. Drony Flying Saucer Attack comes to mind. These guys have been around for a while w/ this sound (local? Santa Cruz?), don’t mistake them for Johnny come latelys, still though this dream pop is somewhat dated, early ‘90s. Beautiful stuff.

1) super lush, mid paced dreamy
2) slower, thick FSA guits, long
3) mindful drony beat
4) brief noise drone
5) more melodic, synth feel, slightly mellower
6) more lush slower droniness
7) mellow sparser w/ discernable guit strumming, no drums
8) solid ride cymbal beat, more dreamyness
9) double time beat

Track Listing
1. Long Beach   5. I'm Tired Gone
2. Ann Illusion   6. The Fire
3. Silver   7. Summer Left Me
4. The Guarantee   8. Airplanes Down
  9. The Lodge