Various Artists / No Food, no Sleep, Ju!
Album: No Food, no Sleep, Ju!   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 2001
Label:Fueled By Ramen  

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1. May 22, 2005: The Ox and The Hammer Show
Match-Like Memory

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Blueline Medic Cathedral
2. Blueline Medic Making the Noveau Riche
3. Blueline Medic The Cheat
4. Blueline Medic Not Interested
5. Recover Pardon the Wait
6. Recover Match-Like Memory
7. Recover Elimation
8. Affect, the Always Artificial
9. Affect, the Insomnia
10. Impossibles, the Oxygen
11. Impossibles, the Get It, Got It, Good
12. Mid Carson July Top Shelf
13. Mid Carson July The Way of My World
14. Mid Carson Julyy Guessing Is a Sin
15. Mid Carson July Presiden'ts Day
16. Cadillac Blindside Empty Bottle Evening
17. Cadillac Blindside Premeditated Redrum
18. Jersey All Rise
19. Jersey Half-Way there