Chopping Channel / Live @ Dna Lounge
Album: Live @ Dna Lounge   Collection:General
Artist:Chopping Channel   Added:Oct 2001

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-11-07
Plunderphonics to the max a la Negativeland, Steve Heiss, et al. In fact, The Weatherman (Negativeland) joins forces for several tracks. 73 minutes of hundreds of primarily TV samples fused and layered, heavily bent on whacking consumerism and “shopping channels”. CD-R is a document of a recent local live performance. All good, pick any.

1) “intro” voice-over w/ noise galore
2) bits of theme songs, samples, heavy diss on consumerism
3) more sample heavy hilarity
4,5) more excellence
6) more “intro/mic break” type dialog/samples
7) first appearance by The Weatherman, w/ min synth noises, describing various weird cheap audio experiments (totally cool)
8) more minimal, less collage-like, weird commentary on children’s electronic “pets”
9) excellent inro that would make a fine fine KZSU LID, niser noise using death metal samples
10) weatherman CB radio dialog, club intro to chopping channel, sparse
11) pop music sample collage, knapster commentary/debate
12) similar to previous, twin peaks music samples, nice stereo
13) Weatherman spoken word over minimal trippy synths and a frog, nice
14) trippiness continues
15) trippiness w/ min electro beat, interesting dialog about setting a glue covered pie on fire
16) spoof, harsher samples
17) more harshness

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