Mercury Rev / All Is Dream
Album: All Is Dream   Collection:General
Artist:Mercury Rev   Added:Oct 2001
Label:V2 Records  

Recent Airplay
1. Nov 26, 2007: college radio
Tides of the Moon
4. Oct 16, 2004: Pop Music Show
Little Ryhmes
2. Oct 13, 2007: Lost and Found
The Dark Is Rising
5. Aug 13, 2004: Distraction-Limited
3. Apr 07, 2006: college radio andj
Tides of the Moon
6. May 31, 2004: Impromptu
Little Ryhmes

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-10-31
Art rock, dreamy trippy but with Brit Pop familiarity. Falsetto male vocs over dreamy big hollow drums, ethereal synths. Cashing in on the Radiohead/Sigur ros dynasty? (last time I heard these guys was at the Kilowatt ~7years ago- they didn’t sound anything like this back then). Think Flaming Lips meets aforementioned bands, gone Brit pop. In fact, if this isn’t a blatant attempt to go for the gold of the British Music Machine I don’t know what is. These guys are Canucks of all things! (check how the liner notes have total wanker brit poseur band photos). Definitely the next big thing (move over Blur and Oasis… oh, no one remembers Blur and Oasis? Nevermind…)

1) movie intro score quality w/ string arrang and dramatic cymbal crescendos and piano
2) dark themed mid paced rock w/ ethereal synth washes
3) big drum beat, in your face production and hooks- definitely the BBC1 single, be the first kzsu dj to play their future smash hit!
4) trippy slow melodic w/ heavy reverbed distant vocs and “angelic” fem voc backsgrns, beat materializes and song gets heavy, almost loud, drums enter
5) intro: bowed saw trippiness w/ sublte Rhodes, upbeat pop w/ hooks, commercial slick quality
6) tribal beat heaviness, pop w/ trippiness
7) super dramatic movie score quality brit pop cuteness
8) epic rock quality, 70’s Scary Monsters feel
9) piano + vocs centered, Flaming Lips quality in phrasing, ballady, mellow
10) mellow ethereal builds into noisy near psychedelic rock after 5 min

Track Listing
1. The Dark Is Rising   6. Little Ryhmes
2. Tides of the Moon   7. A Drop in Time
3. Chains   8. You're My Queen
4. Nite and Fog   9. Spider and Flies
5. Licoln's Eyes   10. Hercules