Landing / Oceanless
Album: Oceanless   Collection:General
Artist:Landing   Added:Sep 2001
Label:Strange Attractors Audio  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-16
Landing "Oceanless" [label: strange attractors]

A totally awesome experimental shoegaze album. Slow and stretched out ambient textures that at times remind me of Low's droning wall-of-fuzz tracks. Instrumental (other than the occaisional whisper or distant voices). Excruciatingly beautiful moments strung all over the place. Play it till it breaks. -nari

1. "How Did You Feel?" (9:05)
solemn foreboding march with tripped out echoes and fuzzy guitar;
last 60 seconds eerie sine wave bending; blends into ->

2. "Harmonies" (3:53)
tranquil backdrop of shuffling drums, hopeful melody

3. "Rial Veed Fiir" (4:03)
MBV style fuzzscapes, present drumming, raindrop guits,
evocative of ocean waves

4. "Are You Gone To Vast Arc Hues?" (21:30)
requires patience but is totally worth it; the first
5 minutes are cooing electric guit ala Hendrix's "1983 a
merman .."; gets into full bloom around 8:00 with full
wall of echo, drums; dissolves into even more gorgeous
guit screams; amazing.

5. "Structure Vs. Chaos" (21:05)
a beautiful placid lull; layers of shimmering,
hanging chords breathe in and out; precious.

6. "..." (4:08)
forlorn guitar solo over ambience

Track Listing
1. How Did You Feel?   4. Are You Gone to Vast and and
2. Harmonies   5. Structure Vs. Chaos
3. Rial Veed Fiir   6. ...