Microphones, the / Glow, the
Album: Glow, the   Collection:General
Artist:Microphones, the   Added:Sep 2001
Label:K Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2002-05-06
THE MICROPHONES "the Glow" [K Records]

More than one person has told me this is the best album of 2001. I won't affirm or deny here, but rest assured, the Microphones have produced a beautiful and highly original experimental acoustic pop album. Just 'indie' would be a misnomer, since there are heavy garage jams & introspective instrumentals mixed in here too. Most songs are simple plain-spoken pop melodies over thick layered textures: doubled acoustic guitars, piano, horns, and other odds and ends. The Mics's sound has the same characteristic innocense shared by many K labelmates, belying the complexity and careful construction of some of the underlying textures. Their experiments are like a less austere Joan of Arc, full of warmth and a folksong quality. -nari

1. light pop song with wonderful murky harmonies, sweet dingey guits 5:30
2. bombastic opening melts into pop song with lovely mesh of synths 4:59
3. standout quirky bittersweet track with pop sensibility, rocks at the end 5:13
4. simplest folk song 4:30
5. warbly vocals & lo fi casio; sweet & lilting 1:52
6. very pretty & delicate acoustic instrumental 1:36
7. flowing fluttery guitar, moving water & resigned singing
8. quiet, eerie, & beautiful instrumental hinged on cello barks 1:46
9. noisey electronic crescendo; wraiths on tape 2:53
10. pretty strumming, even lovelier layered vocals 2:50
11. sounds like the element on the cover - cluttered background with everything and a steel drum; delicate plaintive melody sung over 1:58
12. 30s of almost nothing; then a noisey pop tango; cooly peculiar 4:58
13. gentle uncomplicated breezy pop song in 6/8; 2:40
14. pummeling rock song 1:43
15. another cute unassuming pop tune; ends earlier than1:34
16. soft beginnings then totally weird circus rock; ends before 2:19
17. lovely wintry instrumental with piano lead; ends before 1:56
18. simplest folk love song on this disc 1:55
19. pummeling noisey rock abuse; music ends at 2:37, track at 4:07
20. gently strummed, slightly melancholy pop, ends at 1:40

Track Listing
1. I Want Wind to Blow   11. The Gleam Pt. 2
2. The Glow Pt. 2   12. Map
3. The Mood   13. You'll Be in the Air
4. Headless Horseman   14.
5. My Roots Are Strong and Deep   15. I Am Bored
6. Instrumental   16. I Felt My Size
7. The Mansion   17. Instrumental
8. (Something)   18. I Felt Your Shape
9. (Something)   19. Samurai Sword
10. I'll not Contain You   20. My Warm Blood