Lumen / Man Felt An Iron Hand Grasp Hi
Album: Man Felt An Iron Hand Grasp Hi   Collection:General
Artist:Lumen   Added:Aug 2001
Label:Temporary Residence Ltd.  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-10
Lumen "The Man Felt an Iron Hand..." [label: temporary residence]

Instrumental rock quartet led by acoustic guitar, backed by melodica, string bass, drums.
Local band that includes Andee, that A Minor Forest guy. Pretty straightforward, earthy tunes.
*1. slower, lumbering pace, wistful theme
2. sleeper lullaby; lush cello at the end
*3. perky energetic drums, playful arpeggiated chords; fade out at 3:40
4. repeated 4 note theme; token artistic track that's
actually tedious
5. 11 minutes of wandering guitar theme, saved by snappy
6. slower, lumbering pace, somber melody
*7. layered patterns that become increasingly pretty
8. fat man's waltz; does gain more energy towards the conclusion

Track Listing
1. I   5. V
2. Ii   6. Vi
3. Iii   7. Vii
4. Iv   8. Viii