Moldy Peaches, the / Moldy Peaches, the
Album: Moldy Peaches, the   Collection:General
Artist:Moldy Peaches, the   Added:Aug 2001
Label:Rough Trade  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-10-11
This is the epitome of “lo-fi” cute garagey over-educated simple pop. Boy/girl vocs, witty yet deep, often mean, lyrics, nothing polished, but melodic and well written. If it wasn’t for the glut of “cute” infantile bands out there I would believe that these people are actually 12 or 13 years old (like some of the lyrics imply). Make no mistake: this is really good, how it should be done. It doesn’t say, but it might be too real to be from Olympia, but wouldn’t surprise me if it was.

1) lo-fi “indie rock” ballady thing, boy/girl vocs, simple drums + acoustic guit
2) slow-mid strummy, some tuba, some Wurlitzer piano
3) lo-fi garagy rockish
4) simple feel, sweet nerdy hipster love anthem, girl vocs
5) whoops! FCC, great swingy tune but dirty
6) slow moody quiet feel w/ funny lyrics
7) swingy w/ FCC
8) lo-fi rap/funk spoof
9) silly garagy pop about roller skates and bmx bikes
10) near folky indie acoustic minimal pop
11) silly lo-fi fuzzy rocker, cute
12) simple drum beat and guit, nice slow/mid feel with phrasing and vocs, melodies, nice
13) great chorus/title, slow-fast type dance rocker, any song with drug references is great by me
14) slower vocs+organ, simple duet w/ pop tv culture reference
15) upbeat minimal electrobeat, about junior h.s. dating
16) slow feel, ballady duet w/ banjo and acoustic guit
17) another silly lo-fi pop song
18) “rock and roll” spoof with fuzzy guit and rock drums, but the title and chorus are extremely timely to say the least. Play this in bad taste. I sure as fuck will. Watch FCCs at 1:35, 1:22 remaining
19) simple mostly vocs

Track Listing
1. Lucky Number Nine   10. Anyone Else but You
2. Jorge Regula   11. Little Bunny Foo Foo
3. What Went Wrong   12. Ballad of Helen Keller & Rip
4. Nothing Came Out   13. Who's Got the Crack
5. Downloading Porn with Davo   14. Lucky Charms
6. These Burgers   15. D.2. Boyfriend
7. Steak for Chicken   16. I Forgot
8. On Top   17. Lazy Confessions
9. Greyhound Bus   18. Nyc's Like a Graveyard
  19. Goodbye Song