Death in June / All Pigs Must Die
Album: All Pigs Must Die   Collection:General
Artist:Death in June   Added:Jul 2001
Label:Leprosy Discs  

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All Pigs Must Die

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-09-04
Death in June All Pigs Must Die 08/29/01

First 2/3 of this CD is bent acoustic English folk balladeering, strange lyrics and treatments, dark and twisted (yes, the Goths love this guy); the last third is a fucking righteous noisefest where some of the pretty previous songs are run through a meat grinder (yes, the Goths love this guy). Boyd Rice contributes (surprise!). This guy has been around a long time bringing spooky twisted heavily Brit accented near folkiness, this with accordian accompaniment and sometimes trumpet, no drums. Treatments are minimal and tasteful, but then all hell breaks for the last 5 songs. Excellent.

1) upbeat acous strumming, trumpet, accordian, title song
2) spoken intro, ¾ darker feel, nice electronics at end
3) straighter strumming, title theme returns, trumpet
4) near pretty guit strumming, almost pop feel
5) noise soundbed w/ 3 little pigs voice over and pig sounds as intro, upbeat strumming w/ more dramatic vocs, trumpet
6) straighter head nodding rhythm, more piggies, pig sounds, excellent noise at end
7) noisy distorted spoken vocs w/ overdriven big soundbed, droney and spooky
8) harsh noise, superoverdriven vocs, this must be Boyd Rice
9) more noise and feedback/dist w/ treated spoken piggy, layered bizarre feel, heavily treated, manipulated version of track 5
10) schpooky schpoken intro auf deutch, then noisiness, treated undecipherable vocs, excellent noise
11) spooky soundtrackish demonic madness, treated spoken word, looping

Track Listing
1. All Pigs Must Die   6. Flies Have Their House
2. Tick Tock   7. With Bad Blood
3. Disappear in Every Way   8. No Pig Day
4. Enemy Within   9. We Said Destroy Iii
5. We Said Destroy Ii   10. Lords of the Sties
  11. Ride Out!