Various Artists / False Object Sensor
Album: False Object Sensor   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jul 2001
Label:<No Label Info>  

Recent Airplay
1. Apr 11, 2015: Buford J. Sharkley Presents: As Told to Hervey Okkles
Go Away
4. Sep 04, 2001: Mr. Sparkle Challenge
Amps for Christ W/ Thrones
2. Apr 10, 2002: Brownian Motion
Thrones, Moss Icon
5. Aug 27, 2001: The Awesome Power of a Fully Operational DJ
Rah Bras
3. Oct 10, 2001: Brownian Motion
Sinking Body W/ Bastard Nois

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Bad Neighbor Policy Chemical Pollution
2. Heroin Second Coming
3. Men's Recovery Project W/Le Ti The Mayor Is a Robot
4. Body Part Young Ginn
5. Convocation of ... Solitary White Amongst
6. Six Finger Satellite The Pain Has Gone Away
7. Fast Forward Journey to the Center of
8. Tara Tavi Green Tara
9. Hail Mary Nine Tenths
10. Towel Go Away
11. Born Against Horkus Porkus Man
12. Thrones Simon Legree
13. Rah Bras Emil
14. Skull Kontrol New Rock Critic
15. Auto Da Fe Monkey King Martial Artiste
16. Mutican Untitled
17. Amps for Christ Amps for Thrones
18. Sinking Body W/Bastard Noise Through Flesh
19. Moss Icon Cornflower Bule
20. Controlling Hand ...Love Under Will