Old Time Relijun / Witchcraft Rebellion
Album: Witchcraft Rebellion   Collection:General
Artist:Old Time Relijun   Added:Jul 2001
Label:K Records  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-08-08
Carrying the flag of Capt. Beefheart come these fucking weirdoes from Olympia (is it the water? the Christians?). Very bluesy twisted honky tonk wacked out guits and rhythms, vocs that sound like a hillbilly being slowly composted by a tractor, scrunching sax’es, everything overdriven to the max. Great creative drum tones and playing. If you really love Capt Bfhrt you might be offended by some of the blatant nods; if youre not that uptight you are in for one helluva bizzarro treat. “side A” is more Bfhrt-ish while “B” strays in places more. All really really good. 1) upbeat bfhrt honky guits, lo-fi drums, white trashy loud male vocs, sax later 2) mid paced swingy bluesy, major bfhrt voc rip style, scrunching sax 3) loopy mid chugging beat and guits, same vocs w/ some weird screamy voc gymnastics 4) funkier upbeat feel, not so blatant bfhrt 5) slower rhythmic w/ sax lead, instrumental 6) near surf beat, noisy and dense, devolves 7) crazy screaming sax solo, hey Wedge!! 8) 60’s/zappa sound in chorus but simple rock beat and screamed vocs otherwise 9) garagey upbeat slightly funky feel, weird electronics, instrumental 10) no wave feel (makes me realize that capt bfhrt was the “original” no-wave artist) another fucked up simple beat w/ vocs+sax 11) nice noisy backbeat rhythm and dissonant guits, a dreamy piece that sounds like the soundtrack to my brain ca. 1986 12) funky rock feel, brhrt guits and feel overall once again, throat singing, yes 13) funky dunky one w/ horns, vocs come in late.

Track Listing
1. Mystery Language   7. King of Nothing
2. Cuneform   8. Book of Life and Crime, the
3. Vampire Sushi   9. Treasure Map
4. Dark of the Male, Light of T   10. Maenads in the Android Broth
5. Mercury Snake   11. Crocodile Theater
6. Fermentatio   12. Witchcraft Rebellion