Philistines Jr., the / Analog Vs. Digital
Album: Analog Vs. Digital   Collection:General
Artist:Philistines Jr., the   Added:Jul 2001
Label:Tarquin Records  

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Album Review
Katie P.
Reviewed 2001-08-30
The Philistines Jr. - Wow! I had so much fun reviewing this cd. The instruments are amazing on here. Some songs have so many instruments you can't even mention them all. Most songs have at least keyboards, guitars, and drums. A lot of songs are about wars and others are really lighthearted in subject. Almost everything on here is happy and fun. Generally it would fit in the indie rock genre, it's just so much fun! Highly recommended. My Picks: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 12, 15, 16, 18
Katie P. 8/30/01

1) Starts slow with droning organ. Guitar slowly fades in. Wow, cool keyboards. Fades out with blips. Instrumental.
2) Midtempo swing beat. Lyrics about the war. Nice and fun music. Cute.
3) Slower with guitar fingering. Slower waltz/swing feel. Carnival feel at times. Flute and keyboards too. Instrumental.
4) Fast midtempo. Nice guitars and cool keyboards. Gets a bit more dramatic when the vocals come in. A choral sound. Alternates between cute and happy and severe and dramatic.
5) Uptempo and blippy. Has a nice slower melody on top that's a waltz feel. Somewhat spastic since it keeps changing the mixture of instruments. Continues to build. This is cool. Instrumental.
6) Slow droning organ to start with a lot of reverb. Sort of sad feeling. Vocals are muffled and quiet.
7) Starts with cute keyboards, kind of slow midtempo. Guitar comes in. Feels like people are sneaking around (you know, like spies). Suddenly changes mood with bloopy sounds and turns into intense escape music. Then the vocals come in and it just seems funny. Then bloopy sounds again and it goes back to being slow and deliberate.
8) Fades in with a nice fast midtempo. Great lyrics! Nice harmonies. Nice guitars and horns with weird electronic noises in the background. Man, the lyrics are hysterical, talking about how they are going to mix the vocals into the song. Heh!
9) Fades in with a southwestern mandolin melody. "Whoa-oh" vocals but in a choral way (like in the Wizard of Oz). Horns too. Sad overall feel.
10) A bit more of a rock feel. Midtempo with minimal guitars. Strange whistling and closing door sounds, then some people yelling.
11) Starts quiet with keyboards. Midtempo waltz beat. Same vocals as in track 2 but this time the feel is quite foreboding until the lyrics stop and then it gets cute again.
12) Bells start it off to a slow midtempo. Stephen Hawking voice talking about black holes and the big bang and such. Then it gets silly talking about Simpsons episodes. Very cool. Fades out with some very quiet droning about 20 sec. to the end.
13) Midtempo waltz feel. Cool guitar line with accordion and organ. Cute indie rock vocals. Ends with about 20 sec. left.
14) Fast midtempo with great layers of keyboards. Some blippy and some slow. Instrumental.
15) Blippy keyboards and funny lyrics about test tubes and other chemistry oriented things. Cool indie rock tune. Fast midtempo.
16) Fades in with cute little tune. Fast midtempo with catchy repetitive lyrics.
17) Fast midtempo with a nice driving beat. Guitars and organs. Funny lyrics about avoiding driving on a certain bridge.
18) Drum machine beat. Uptempo jangley feel. Cute little indie rock tune. Continues into next tracks for a total of over 8 minutes.
19-52) A bunch of solos (instrumental or vocals) based on track 18. Way cool!!!

Track Listing
1. Dreadful Year   27. Dylan "Group" Cristy
2. At Least You Had the War   28. Michael Shelley
3. Controlled Flight Into Terra   29. Dave Amels
4. Ballad of Paul Yates   30. Brad "Those Melvins" Robinso
5. Unreliable Narrator   31. Josh "Satin" Scheinberg
6. Unemployed Spy   32. Steve "Absolute Zeros" Deal
7. Annual Convention of Unemplo   33. Moby
8. Analog Vs. Digital   34. Mary "Pee Shy" Guidera
9. Wwi, Too   35. Pistol "The Pants" Stamen
10. Kas Tos Dumus Kupinaj   36. Cindy "3WHEELER" Wheeler
11. Wwii (The Little One)   37. Sam "Blasco" Forgorino
12. Truth About Scientists, the   38. Brian Dewan
13. Russians Burned My Uncle's H   39. Peter "World's Greatest Soun
14. Little Hoopschrauber, the   40. Phil "Stynx" Costello
15. If You're not Part of the So   41. Jon "Zamboni" Aley
16. Astronauts Just Ain't What T   42. Chuck Mccubbin A.K.A. Ron S.
17. Slippery Bridge By Sikorsky   43. Paul Gold
18. 55 M.P.H.   44. Paul Yates
19. Bob Hofnar   45. Guster (Adam, Ryan, & Brian)
20. Leon "Happiest Guy in the Wo   46. Pemberton "Satanicide" Roach
21. Michael "Mommyheads" Holdt   47. Rob Schwimmer & Danny Dipaol
22. Adam "Elk" Cohen   48. Rob "Philistine #5" King
23. James Kochalka "Superstar"   49. Adam "Mice Parade" Pierce
24. Paul & Dave Danehower   50. R. Stevie Moore
25. Dave "Zamboni" Schneider   51. Marc "Tower Recordings" Wolf
26. Tyler "Uncle Innocent" Pisti   52. End