Faun Fables / Mother Twilight
Album: Mother Twilight   Collection:General
Artist:Faun Fables   Added:Jun 2001

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2001-08-17
Note, this is my "dj review" of this cd:

Fawn Fables is the nome de plume of Dawn McCarthy, a Midwestern transplant to NYC via Seattle who dabbles much in Nordic/Celtic folk musics. This is excellent mostly minimal acoustic euro-folkiness that cant help but come across Goth to my poisoned mind (thanks led zep, curr 93, et al). Her voice conjures up the Vaseline’s girl at times. Music is well recorded and quite elegant. A real treat, esp for the vampire set. 1) slightly dissonant ¾ guit looped feel, doubled up vocs 2) melodic w/ upbeat minimal guit, dulcimer, bells, vocs 3) slower mindful arpeggio 4) more uptempo w/ drum and denser guits, vocs 5) minimal guit + doubled vocs, tape trick intro, recorder (flute) gives it folky celticness 6) upbeat impending feel w/ elect instruments, minor, w/ “choral” vocs, no lead voc, all melodic 7) strange slow a’capella choral, w/ male vocs too 8) spookier rhythmic w/ distant fuzzy guits and flute sounds, quiet and morose, long bridge 9) traditional celtic feel (brave brave sir robin…) 10) eerie plodding pace, feedback guits, big spooky baritones, pretty darn goth 11) bright and cheery intro gives way to a melancholy ballad, vocs+guit accompaniment, ends w/ the sound of wind up toys 12) lo-fi solo vocal 13) upbeat rhythmic galloping, dark and almost menacing, dirty guit and powerful choruses 14) ¾ slow mostly arpeggio simple guit chords excellent lyrics, melodic ballad, dark about growing old

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