Red House Painters / Old Ramon
Album: Old Ramon   Collection:General
Artist:Red House Painters   Added:May 2001
Label:Sub Pop Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02
New release from Mark Kozelek's band. Red House Painters are supposedly the quintessential sadcore band, but this album is more often optimistic than dreary. This is an acoustic rock band with an incredible lead vocalist and a ton of heart. A lot of these songs are epic in length for folk - upwards to 8 and 9 minutes. This guy's voice kills me. -nari

1. bright, chipper, interesting choir backing
2. polished, upbeat song about 'her'; electric guitar fills out the sound
*3. slower gait, bittersweet, brushed cymbals, full ending with violin? 9:23
*4. more rockin', angular (did I use that descriptive right?); builds to a nice, full conclusion
*5. slow, quiet, contemplative, mmmm
6. bouncy, upbeat, splashes of that hawaiian reverb guitar effect
**7. shuffling tempo, brushed drums, long stretched out sung notes; poignant guitar solos46771 38420
**8. the most sadcore track; nice n' unhappy; long electrified notes just hang there and cry; my fav
9. short, sweet, and uncluttered -- just bittersweet acoustic guitar & vocals
10. shuffling tempo, brushed drums, heavy mood

Track Listing
1. Wop-A-Din-Din   6. Michigan
2. Byrd Joel   7. River
3. Void   8. Smokey
4. Between Days   9. Golden
5. Cruiser   10. Kavita