Coll / More Songs From Midnight Mati
Album: More Songs From Midnight Mati   Collection:General
Artist:Coll   Added:Apr 2001

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Moonlight Sonata

Track Listing
1. And He Drools Most of the Ti   14. Life Is Dissapointing
2. Baby Elephant Walk   15. The Lion Sleeps Tonight
3. Baloon Folding   16. Lose Your Temper
4. Bees in the Library   17. Mockingbird Go Home
5. Come and Play with Us   18. Moonlight Sonata
6. Does Your Head Feel Lighter   19. More Tha Just a Girl
7. Don't Give Me Today's World   20. No Mortal Is Superior to Her
8. Duval Irae   21. Pleasant Screams
9. Felix Flanken   22. Sam the Lion
10. Go to Hell   23. Sometimes You Just Have to D
11. He's Invisible, 'at's Wot   24. Well What the Hell
12. If Daddy Can Do It Duane Can   25. Where Is My Son
13. If Only They'd Leave Me Alon   26. Woman Have Dies for One of