Various Artists / Every Tone A Testimony: An African American Aural History
Album: Every Tone A Testimony: An African American Aural History   Collection:Spoken Word
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Mar 2001

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1. Nov 27, 2008: "In Your Ear ..." with David Bug, this thanksgivings morning
Why Slavery Is Still Rampant, What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July?, Steal Away To Jesus, Singing Slaves, Speech at Akron Convention, Narrative, I Wonder Where My Brother Gone, Earl of Dartmouth
4. Apr 08, 2008: "In Your Ear ..." with David Bug, subbing for the fellow souls in sound
Black Panther Party Platform
2. Jul 03, 2008: "In Your Ear ..." with David Bug, a return to the weekly beat of process, pt.1
Black Panther Party Platform
5. Feb 14, 2007: "In Your Ear ..." with David Bug, subbing for mike on valentine's day
Birmingham 1963, Keep Moving
3. Jun 19, 2008: "In Your NYC Ear ..." with David Bug, nyc return
The Struggle
6. Jan 21, 2007: "In Your Ear ..." with David Bug, a new day, time, & year - sundays
Complaint Call

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Hughes, Langston The Struggle
2. Dodson, Annie Grace Horn Field Call
3. Brown, Enoch Complaint Call
4. Mckiver, Lawrence/Doretha Skip Intro And Kneebone Bend
5. Amerson, Richard Ma Brother Terrapin, Slow Train To Arkansas - Amerson, Richard Ma
6. Hunter, Mrs. Janie Jack and Mary and Three Dogs
7. Tucker, Joe Buck Dance
8. Children of East York School I'm Goin' Up North
9. Mckiver, Lawrence Pharaoh's Host Got Lost
10. Terry, Lucy Bars Fight
11. Wheatly, Phillis Earl of Dartmouth
12. Dodson, Annie Grace Horn I Wonder Where My Brother Gone
13. Tubman, Harriet Narrative
14. Truth, Sojourner Speech at Akron Convention
15. Douglass, Frederick Singing Slaves
16. West, Kinsey Steal Away To Jesus
17. Douglass, Frederick What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July?
18. Remond, Sarah Parker Why Slavery Is Still Rampant
19. Reed, Dock & Ward, Vera Hall Free at Last
20. Dunbar, Paul Laurence When Malindy Sings
21. Fisk Jubilee Singers There's a Great Camp Meeting
22. Washington, Booker T. Atlanta Exposition Address
23. Mcghee, Brownie & Terry, Sonny John Henry
24. Johnson, Fenton Banjo Player
25. Cotten, Elizabeth Boatman Dance
26. Randolph, Percy Shine
27. Inmates of Ramsey or Retrive Chopping in the New Ground
28. Wells-Barnett, Ida B. Lynching, Our National Crime
29. Du Bois, W.E.B. A Recorded Autobiography
30. Johnson, James Weldon Listen Lord, a Prayer
31. Davis, Reverand Gary My Heart Is Fixed
32. Lead Belly The Titanic
33. Cullen, Countee Heritage
34. Johnson, James P. Jungle Drums
35. Robeson, Paul No More Auction Block
36. Hughes, Langston The Negro Speaks of Rivers
37. Mckay, Claude If We Must Die
38. Brown, Sterling Ma Rainey
39. Broonzy, Big Bill Backwater Blues
40. Pierce, Billie & Dee Dee Married Man Blues
41. Walker, Margaret For My People
42. Brooks, Gwendolyn The Children of the Poor
43. Nicholas, George "Big Nick" Body and Soul
44. Johnson, Juanita & Gospel Tone How He Delivered Me
45. Waters, Muddy Long Distance Call
46. Burke, Solomon Cry to Me
47. Sncc Freedom Singers Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn
48. King, Martin Luther, Jr. Birmingham 1963-KEEP Moving
49. Seale, Bobby Black Panther Party Platform
50. Davis, Angela Interview
51. Fabio, Sarah Webster Together to the Tune of Colt
52. Giovanni, Nikki Nikki-Rosa
53. Sanchez, Sonia Liberation/Poem
54. Baraka, Amiri Dope
55. Bluiett, Maniet The Village of Brooklyn, Ill
56. Cortez, Jayne For the Poets
57. Golden Eagles Shotgun Joe
58. Reed, Ishmael St. Louis Woman
59. Arrested Development People Everyday