Various Artists / A Little on the Cd Side VOL.7
Album: A Little on the Cd Side VOL.7   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 1994
Label:Musician Magazine  

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Goin' Out West
3. Nov 23, 2016: Clean Copper Radio
When You're Away
2. Aug 17, 2017: Clean Copper Radio Talk & Hot Topics
It's All Right
4. Jul 21, 2016: Clean Copper Radio RNC Broadcast
You've Been So Good Up to no

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Sonny Landreth When You're Away
2. Pj Harvey Dress
3. Michael Penn Seen the Doctor
4. Rachelle Ferrell Til You Come Back to Me
5. Pahinui Brothers Jealous Guy
6. Soul Kitchen I Need It Bad
7. Peter Apfelbaum & the Hieroglp Chant #9
8. 25TH of May, the It's All Right
9. Vinnie James Save the World
10. Blind Melon Tones of Home
11. Paul Mccandless Robin
12. Throwing Muses Firepile
13. Shawn Lane Get You Back
14. Balloon Now that the Thrill's Gone
15. Bourne and Macleod Moonlight Dancers
16. Lyle Lovett You've Been So Good Up to no
17. Walter Beasley Lil Touch of Jazz
18. John Wesley Harding Kill the Messenger
19. Dixie Dregs Medley (Take It Off the Top)
20. Don-E Love Makes the World Go Roun
21. Grayson Hugh Soul Cat Girl
22. Scott Henderson, Gary Willis The Big Wave
23. Tom Waits Goin' Out West
24. Jude Cole Start the Car
25. Chuck D Gun-Slinging Bird
26. Dream Theater Pull Me Under
27. Yothu Yindi Djapana
28. String Trio of New York Jump Start
29. Peter Kingsbery A Different Man
30. Zoo, the Reach Out