Various Artists / Unsinkable Molly Brown
Album: Unsinkable Molly Brown   Collection:Soundtrack
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 2001
Label:Rhino Records  

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1. Nov 20, 2017: In Your Ear Radio - Just Waking Uo, Soon
Belly Up to the Bar Boys, Main Title
2. Aug 13, 2015: Clean Copper Radio
Maxie at Maxims

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Mgm Orch Main Title
2. Ed Begley & Jack Kruschen Belly Up to the Bar Boys
3. Debbie Reynolds I Ain't Down Yet
4. Harve Presnell Colorado Sunset
5. Harve Presnell Colarado Mu Home
6. Mgm Orchestra Boy Meets Girl
7. Mgm Orch Leadville
8. Debbie Reynolds Belly Up to the Bar Boys
9. Mgm Studio Orchestra Reading Lessons
10. Harve Presnell I'll Never Say no
11. Mgm Orchestra Molly Scherxo
12. Harve Presnell I'll Never Say no
13. Mgm Studio Orchestra Buggy Ride
14. Ed Begley Here Comes the Bride
15. Mgm Orch The Dissillusioned Bride
16. Mgm Orch When Roses Bloom
17. Mgm Orch Stella Dallas
18. Debbie Reynolds I'll Never Say no
19. Harve Presnell I Ain't Down Yet
20. Mgm Orch Molly Waltz
21. Harve Presnell Colorado, My Home
22. Debbie Reynolds He's My Friend
23. Harve Presnell Johnny's Soliloquy
24. Mgm Orchestra Queen of the Lardpail
25. Mgm Orchestra Maxie at Maxims
26. Mgm Orchestra Letter From Johnny
27. Mgm Orchestra Titanic Dissolves
28. Mgm Orchestra The Brass Bed/End Cast