Ooioo / Gold and Green
Album: Gold and Green   Collection:General
Artist:Ooioo   Added:Jan 2001
Label:Poly Star  

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Album Review
Hannah Mae
Reviewed 2002-10-17
Radness! Four Japanese women (including Yoshimi of Boredoms), plus a generous handful of guests, making music that defies categorization - I hear art rock, psychedelia, no wave, funk, even traces of international folk music at points. Amazing stuff - give it a try.

> 1. percussion -> short gap -> trumpet and loose but propulsive drumming. Kind of Spaceheads. Ends with quiet chime.
2. wheezy drone, dinky synth tune, whistles and chimes
> 3. buzzes and flute, and then rock drums kick in at about 1 min. in. Hypnotic and shifting - almost 7 min. long.
> 4. echoed voices, tabla, plucked strings - a psychedelic children's song that gets ever more thickly layered
> 5. driving drums, phased guitar, synth - art-funk, sort of no-wavey without the stiffness
6. sparse echoed guitar intro, adds drums and wordless vox - gets faster and more driving
> 7. steady drums, lots of singing - the harmonies and patterns remind me of Scandinavian or eastern european folk at times. Yoko-esque squeaks and gibbers, and psych guitar blittering away in the background.
8. and 9. short - wordless vocals and synth, drums pound away. Odd but cute.
10. delayed phased guitar, big drums, chimes. Again kinda Spaceheadsy.
> 11. big dramatic vocals over drums and squinky noises - mutates in and out of spacefunk
> 12. fades in slow - clattering percussion, drifty noises, trumpet.

Track Listing
1. Moss Trumpeter   7. Ina
2. Tune   8. Unu
3. Grow Sound Tree   9. Idbi
4. Mountain Book   10. N/A
5. I'm a Song   11. Emeraldragonfly
6. Fossil   12. Return to Now!!!