Lowdown, the / Revolver 2
Album: Revolver 2   Collection:Deep Storage 2011-03
Artist:Lowdown, the   Added:Dec 2000
Label:Strange Attractors Audio  

Recent Airplay
1. Dec 16, 2010: BBW Radio: the quest for Maholm

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2004-10-20
Super lo-fi irreverent garage rock w/tons of fucked up analog synths, silly vocals, juvenile drumming, all heavily cranked through a fuzzbox. A bunch of trippin psycho’s from Santa Cruz, recorded at Dub Narcotic studio in Olympia (uh oh). This is so fucked up, noisy, and annoying that even I almost hate it, which means it must be really good. I guess.

1) random distorted analog synth and noise
2) fuzzy distorted midtempo garage, multi vocals
3) dancy new wave electronic feel, retards into slower retardedness
4) synth noise
5) marchlike, sample/noise bridge, lots of synth noise
6) girls voice duets, pounding electronic beat w/metallic crashes
7) low freq noises, metal sounds, pounding
8) disjunct drum beats, noise
9) upbeat screwy drums, lots of noises, some hollered “vocals”
10) fast new wave beat, feel, somewhat melodic w/organ, some “vocals”
11) synth, mic noise
12) slow heavy industrial feel, discordant w/guits, bass synths, silly vocals, picks up w/tribal juvenile drums, pounding, out of tune guits
13) fucked up synths and organ, drums, Sun Ra on even more acid
14) vocalizations only
15) casio-ish beat w/heavy guits, pounding
16) tape and effects noise, metallic
17) pensive analog synth w/spoken words, silly
18) triplet drums, silly discordant synths, guits
19) bashing out dist full band, yelling
20) slow drum beat, effects, guit, bass loop over
21) speaking, mic feedback, spoken word (?), distorted and treated
22) feedback drones, kicks into upbeat rhythm, thrashes around more

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