Songs: Ohia / Ghost Tropic
Album: Ghost Tropic   Collection:General
Artist:Songs: Ohia   Added:Dec 2000
Label:Secretly Canadian  

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Incantation, Ghost Tropic
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Ghost Tropic
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The Ocean's Nerves, Ghost Tropic

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02
Songs: Ohia - is Jason Molina + band. It's somber, emotional indie folk.
He has a great voice, and when he wails out the chorus the effect is
chilling. Uses a variety of soft percussion instruments
that add a lot of color to these songs.
1. He wails along with the blue notes of his guitar. Anxious, urgent conclusion.

2. Piano, shakers, chimes create a cool exotic accomp. More chilling, angst-ridden vocals.

3. Depressing, but more restrained, with a thinner overall sound. It's almost just him and guitar, with drums so subtle they're hardly there.

*4. Nice. A very poignant melody delicately played with something sounding like a Theremin.

*5. Brushed drums create a great effect. Just an acoustic guitar soloist on another mournful melody.

6. urgent

7. A sullen duet for vibes and piano

Track Listing
1. Lightning Risked It All   5. The Ocean's Nerves
2. The Body Burned Away   6. Not Just a Ghost's Heart
3. No Limits on the Words   7. Ghost Tropic
4. Ghost Tropic   8. Incantation