Fatboy Slim / Halfway Between the Gutter and
Album: Halfway Between the Gutter and   Collection:General
Artist:Fatboy Slim   Added:Dec 2000

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Weapon of Choice

Album Review
The Dead Kenny-Gs
Reviewed 2003-04-01
Fatboy Slim-Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars
Sample based dance pop. Let me start by saying that I really liked Fatboy's last album, You've Come A Long Way Baby. I think he was excellent at taking hooks from various songs, looping 'em and layering them into songs that are not particularly complicated but sometimes surprising and fun to listen to. Sure, his stuff is not as dense as DJ Shadow's, but it's more approachable. This album is more dance-y and in my opinion less successful than You've Come A Long Way Baby. There is a stronger emphasis on repetition, the songs are smoother and more danceable, I just found it to be boring and somewhat less funky. This album is continuously mixed, the tracks flow together into smooth transitions--also consistent with more of a dance emphasis. I didn't hate this album, I just didn't like it very much. Caution: there are several FCC's on this disc, track 2 and at least one other track so keep an eye out.
1) Repetitive piano loop with male spoken/vocal intro, layers of buzzing synth
2) House-y track (Repeated FCC "what the fuck")
3) Jim Morrison sample, space-y and flowing
4) Chunky rhythmic loops, female vocal (Macy Gray) sample
5) Up-tempo rock guitar hook loop and "push the tempo" sample
6) Heavy funk loop, odd vocal samples
7) House with growling vocal sample
8) Grooving Bootsy bassline, distorted looped vocals
9) Preacher samples
10) Bland pop R&B with Macy Gray vocals
Tom Purcell, January 2001

Track Listing
1. Talking Bout My Baby   6. Mad Flava
2. STAR69   7. Retox
3. Sunset   8. Weapon of Choice
4. Lovelife   9. Drop the Hate
5. Ya Mama   10. Demons
  11. Song for Shelter