Lennon, John And Yoko Ono / Starting Over
Album:Starting Over Collection:General
Artist:Lennon, John And Yoko Ono Added:Dec 2000
Label:Capitol Records Inc. 

Recent Airplay
1.Dec 10, 2018:regular school
Song: (Just Like) Starting Over
4.May 20, 2015:In Your Ear Radio
Song: Remember, Interview: Question 1 With Interviewer
2.Dec 11, 2017:In Your Ear Radio - Hello John and Yoko
Song: Imagine, Interview: Question 1 With Interviewer
5.May 05, 2009:"In Your Ear ..." with Bug, another tuesday morning
Song: Gimme Some Truth, Interview: Answer 24 With Yoko
3.Nov 06, 2017:In Your Ear Radio - Here We Go!
Talk: War & Violence With John Lennon
6.Jun 19, 2008:"In Your NYC Ear ..." with David Bug, nyc return
Song: Imagine

Track Listing
1.Introduction Of Interview With Yoko Ono 46.Interview: Answer 21 With Yoko
2.Interview: Question 1 With Interviewer 47.Interview: Question 22 With Interviewer
3.Interview: Answer 1 With Yoko 48.Interview: Answer 22 With Yoko
4.Interview: Question 2 With Interviewer 49.Interview: Question 23 With Interviewer
5.Interview: Answer 2 With Yoko 50.Interview: Answer 23 With Yoko
6.Interview: Question 3 With Interviewer 51.Interview: Question 24 With Interviewer
7.Interview: Answer 3 With Yoko 52.Interview: Answer 24 With Yoko
8.Interview: Question 4 With Interviewer 53.Song: Gimme Some Truth
9.Interview: Answer 4 With Yoko 54.Interview: Question 25 With Interviewer
10.Interview: Question 5 With Interviewer 55.Interview: Answer 25 With Yoko
11.Interview: Answer 5 With Yoko 56.Interview: Question 26 With Interviewer
12.Interview: Question 6 With Interviewer 57.Interview: Answer 26 With Yoko
13.Interview: Answer 5 With Yoko 58.Interview: Question 27 With Interviewer
14.Song: Remember 59.Interview: Answer 27 With Yoko
15.Interview: Question 7 With Interviewer 60.Interview: Question 28 With Interviewer
16.Interview: Answer 7 With Yoko 61.Interview: Answer 28 With Yoko
17.Interview: Question 8 With Interviewer 62.Interview: Question 29 With Interviewer
18.Interview: Answer 8 With Yoko 63.Interview: Answer 29 With Yoko
19.Interview: Question 9 With Interviewer 64.Song: (Just Like) Starting Over
20.Interview: Answer 9 With Yoko 65.Interview: Question 30 With Interviewer
21.Interview: Question 10 With Interviewer 66.Interview: Answer 30 With Yoko
22.Interview: Answer 10 With Yoko 67.Interview: Question 31 With Interviewer
23.Interview: Question 11 With Interviewer 68.Interview: Answer 31 With Yoko
24.Interview: Answer 11 With Yoko 69.Interview: Question 32 With Interviewer
25.Song: God 70.Interview: Answer 32 With Yoko
26.Interview: Question 12 With Interviewer 71.Interview: Question 33 With Interviewer
27.Interview: Answer 12 With Yoko 72.Interview: Answer 33 With Yoko
28.Interview: Question 13 With Interviewer 73.Interview: Question 34 With Interviewer
29.Interview: Answer 13 With Yoko 74.Interview: Answer 34 With Yoko
30.Interview: Question 14 With Interviewer 75.Interview: Question 35 With Interviewer
31.Interview: Answer 13 With Yoko 76.Interview: Answer 35 With Yoko
32.Interview: Question 14 With Interviewer 77.Interview: Question 36 With Interviewer
33.Interview: Answer 14 With Yoko 78.Interview: Answer 36 With Yoko
34.Interview: Question 15 With Interviewer 79.Interview: Question 37 With Interviewer
35.Interview: Answer 15 With Yoko 80.Interview: Answer 37 With Yoko
36.Interview: Question 16 With Interviewer 81.Song: Walking On Thin Ice
37.Interview: Answer 16 With Yoko 82.Talk: The 60's Revolution With John Lennon
38.Song: Imagine 83.Talk: The Jesus Apology With John Lennon
39.Interview: Question 17 With Interviewer 84.Talk: Love & Jealousy With John Lennon
40.Interview: Answer 17 With Yoko 85.Talk: Sex & Love With John Lennon
41.Interview: Question 18 With Interviewer 86.Talk: War & Violence With John Lennon
42.Interview: Answer 18 With Yoko 87.Talk: Beatles Reunion With John Lennon
43.Interview: Question 19 With Interviewer 88.Talk: Immagration Woes With John Lennon
44.Interview: Answer 19 With Yoko 89.Talk: Househusbandry With John Lennon
45.Interview: Question 20 With Interviewer 90.Talk: 1980 With John Lennon
 91.Talk: Famous Last Words With John Lennon