Lesser of Two / Lesser of Two
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Artist:Lesser of Two   Added:Dec 2000

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3. Jun 15, 2003: Oh Messy Life
Nothing but Dirt
2. Oct 12, 2003: Oh Messy Life

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-10-25
Fast, raw political hardcore & noise rawk trio from Oakland. Pretty crusty in parts. Good use of male & female vocals. Great live band, too. Mixes Nausea, AmRep stuff like Hammerhead & The Bastards (Minneapolis). A little too chaotic at times but certainly getting there.

(((((1))))) Fast, loose bassy, raw crust-core sound. Like a fast version of Nausea.
((((2)))) Almost power-violence vibe mixed with spastic crust & pummelling hardcore. Dude's voice is almost outta breath.
(((((3)))) Feedback & headsmashing chaotic crust lots of good bass & drum sound. Slow doomy breakdown then back again.
((((((4)))))) Hell yeah! State smashin' raw punk/hardcore.
((((5))))) Bassy, twangy then blasting guttural crust with weird tempo shifts. Manic vocals.
((((((6))))) Straight up, take-no prisoners crrrrrussstttt! Excellent rock action in the breakdowns, too.
(((((7))))) Ripping, modern heavy & fast as fuck. Great mix of bass & guitar.
(((((8))))) Rhythmic, rockin' as hell. Reminicent a lot of Nausea AND Hammerhead.
((((((9))))) Slow, doomy with some melodic and raw vocals. Interesting + worth several spins.
(((((10))))) Chunky riffs, good dual vocals, lots of stop/starts.
((((11)))) Raw, sporatic and rippin'.
(((((12)))) Good build up like a crusty version of an AmRep band. Very riffy and catchy.
((((((13)))))) Fast, raw hardcore with some cool changes in tempo.
((((14)))) Fast, to the point, bassy HC.
(((15))) Short and a bit similar to #14 minus the out of control vocals. Still pretty cool.
(((((16))))) Feedback, epic and damn heavy sound. Similar to a "crustified" AmRep band like Hammerhead.

Track Listing
1. Misanthropic Manifesto   9. Numb
2. Nothing but Dirt   10. Consumed
3. Brother   11. Unfulfilled
4. El Paso   12. Undone
5. Awakening   13. Fall Hollow
6. Abort Nation   14. Fervor
7. Cleanse   15. Fashionably Irreverent
8. Eat Yourself Alive   16. The Mule