Spokane / Leisure & Other Songs
Album: Leisure & Other Songs   Collection:General
Artist:Spokane   Added:Oct 2000

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Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02
Spokane is the indie/acoustic side project of Rick Alverson of Drunk. As the bleak album cover suggests, this is a collection of wintery, thinly arranged sadcore tunes. The sound is much like Jagjaguwar labelmates Bevel or South, and fans of Idaho or Red House Painters will also probably appreciate this. Tracks 1,3,5,6,8 are achingly slow, while 2,4,7 have slightly more motion. My favorites are 3, 5, and 7, but any will do.

1. Madly depressing tune with a piercing little guitar solo.

2. A folky/bluesy turn on the acoustic guitar & fiddle solo.

3. Chilling vocals over a background of whispery sounds from the strings, with warm bursts of electric guitar. All the elements of this track melt together to create something quite lovely.

4. A divided drum beat gives this optimistic tune more forward motion.

5. A hollow arrangement for a melody of great warmth and contentment.

6. A duet between male & female vocalists. Deliberate beats, almost march-like. Pretty, soft, ringing vibes finishes it off.

7. Piano and strings give this track a much fuller, lush sound.

8. Heavy with resignation. Unfolds into weeping strings.

Track Listing
1. Barge   5. Dark Eyes
2. By the Bend   6. The Making of Americans
3. Abelard & Heloise   7. Automaton
4. Leisure   8. Victory