Sonic Youth / Syr 5
Album: Syr 5   Collection:General
Artist:Sonic Youth   Added:Oct 2000

Recent Airplay
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Stuck on Gum
2. Jul 24, 2010: Scatterbrain Radio
Take It to the Hilt
5. May 06, 2009: Signal to Noise
International Spy
3. May 22, 2010: Scatterbrain Radio
What Do You Want? (Kim)
6. Sep 20, 2007: Day Of Noise
Olive's Horn

Album Review
Reviewed 2001-09-02

The SYR EPs are a forum for Kim Gordon (of Sonic Youth) to expand to even more challenging experimental heights. This album completely abandons any rock cliches and sounds more like contemporary/new music than a rock band. Presence of guitar is sparing; most of the sonic material here comes from found sounds. When Kim does sing, she sings “random” notes that have no tonal meaning. This album is all about textures created by layering a grab bag of sounds and electronic effects over her hollow, raspy utterances. Try 5, 7. -nari

1. A portrait made entirely of abstract sounds -- chirps, blips, forest sounds, ethereal feedback, electronic screams.
2. A strong beat, trademark Kim Gordon no-key-context vocals, and a din
of unidentifiable noises.
3. Jungle-sounding beat? More noise and lost-little-girl vocals

4. Actually has a tonal guitar riff. Changes character half way through into a challenging ambient soundsculpture passage.
5. Guitar drone and playful drummed rhythms.
6. Alternates between theme of an atom bomb exploding and tripped out calm theme.
7. Singing a soft lullaby to yourself while alone in a haunted house. Or, a song about insanity.
8. Wistful lamentations over a blanket of distortion.
9. Pungent distorted opening note breaks into an assault on Disney.
10. A rain shower of clicks and rattles over schizophrenic drums.
11. Growing cacophony.

Track Listing
1. Olive's Horn   6. Fried Mushroom
2. International Spy   7. What Do You Want? (Kim)
3. Neu Adult   8. Lemonade
4. Paperbag/Orange Laptop   9. We Are the Princesses
5. Stuck on Gum   10. Take Me Back
  11. Take It to the Hilt