Go-Nuts, the / Dunk and Cover!
Album: Dunk and Cover!   Collection:General
Artist:Go-Nuts, the   Added:Sep 2000
Label:Lookout Records  

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1. Nov 03, 2022: down in the basement
Donut Princess

Track Listing
1. The Fabulous Go Nuts Theme!   9. The Fabulous Go Nuts Theme Y
2. (Let's Bring) Cheese to Chin   10. S.N.A.K.R.O.C.K.
3. A Day in the Life of a Snak   11. Chubby Chaser
4. Donut Princess   12. I See the Mona Lisa (In My P
5. You Drive Me Ape (You Big Go   13. More Mayo
6. Cheetoe   14. Jelly Filled Heart
7. The Fabulous Go Nuts Theme R   15. Hot for Twinkies
8. Bombay (You're My Hostess Cu   16. The Final Fabulous Go Nuts T
  17. Phat Like that